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Pixelnetwork - All The Mods 9 - International
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  • Created the: 01/2022
  • Edited the: 12/2022

Pixelnetwork - All The Mods 9 - International

Server description

An International ... Server that offers you every possibility to build. The server is constantly updated and is currently looking for more players.
The server is a survival freebuild server that allows you to claim chunks through FTBChunks and protect them from unauthorized visitors. Also you can create a tribe/group and trade with other players to achieve more.

Pixelnetwork does not offer you a P2W system and will offer you a store in the future that can be paid for by votes to motivate players to continue the progress of the server. We also want to incorporate your ideas as much as possible so that you can have even more fun in the future than before.

Pixelnetwork is a small multigaming community that actually existed a few years ago. We focus on different types of games and offer different types of game servers. From Ark to Minecraft you can experience a lot with us.
We are constantly working on our community to provide the best opportunity.

Our website offers you many possibilities to track the current state of the server or to write a ticket for problems.
The Discord server is also used by the community and offers you more interaction with other players worldwide!

Please note that the server is still in the development phase and there will always be changes and the world can be reset at any time because All The Mods 9 is still in the ALPHA version! If you don't want to take these risks then wait for the official release or have fun with our other servers. We can never guarantee everything and still we try!

Check us out and maybe this will be your new community! Have a nice Day!