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Server description

Welcome to Survival - MC - Enhanced Survival Mod Experience!

Discover a unique and captivating world on Survival - MC, where your survival adventures take a twist. Here, creativity and survival blend in a unique way, offering you a memorable experience in the Minecraft universe.

Key Features:

Diverse Job System: Choose from a variety of jobs to earn resources and in-game currency, turning survival into a truly engaging experience. Whether you're a miner, farmer, or hunter, there's always something to do!

Slot Machines and Crates: Are you ready to test your luck? With slot machines and crates full of rare rewards, each spin becomes an exciting challenge.

Dungeons and Epic Exploration: Uncover the world's secrets by exploring challenging dungeons packed with puzzles and rewards. Confront unique monsters, solve puzzles, and seek hidden treasures in the darkest corners of our world.

Interactive and Friendly Interface: We've crafted a custom interface to provide you with a smooth and pleasant experience on the server. We care about our players and strive to maintain a friendly and vibrant community.


We're looking for talented individuals to join our STAFF team!

- 5 Helpers: If you love assisting other players, answering questions, and creating a pleasant experience for everyone, then you're a perfect fit for this role.

- 3 Moderators: Do you have a keen eye for maintaining order and resolving any situations that may arise? We're seeking dedicated and responsible moderators to create a safe and friendly environment.

- 1 Admin: For this role, we're looking for an experienced person with strong knowledge of Minecraft server administration, capable of efficiently leading the STAFF team.

General Requirements for All Roles:

- Minimum age: 12 years old for helper, 15 years old for moderator, 18 years old for admin.

- Previous experience in administering or moderating Minecraft servers (for Moderators and Admin).

- Good knowledge of the game and excellent communication skills.

- Availability to spend a significant amount of time on the server and our communication platforms.