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Explorer's Eden: A Realm Recrafted
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Explorer's Eden: A Realm Recrafted

Server description

Dive into a captivating Minecraft SMP experience with Explorer's Eden: A Realm Recrafted. Choose from one of 8 unique heritages - Dunesworn, Frostborne, Endling, Netherian, Oakhearted, Turtlekin, Orebringer, and Moonshroud - each offering distinct abilities and lore to enrich your adventure.

Our small but welcoming server is the perfect place to relax and immerse yourself in the game, free from microtransactions and pay-to-win schemes. Enjoy a truly player-focused environment with unique features designed for pure enjoyment and creativity.

Explore our array of publicly available datapacks, including Nice Mobs Remastered, Katter's Structures, Automaticons, Enchantment Encore, Player Death Reworked, Hats On, and Warping Wonders. Experience even more exclusive features like custom items, tools, and weapons to enhance your gameplay.

Our server also boasts an easy-to-understand claiming system, ensuring your creations are protected. Running on the latest 1.21 version of Minecraft, Explorer's Eden offers the most up-to-date experience for all players.

Experience breathtaking world generation featuring Terralith and Nullscape, creating stunning landscapes and new biomes to explore. Join us and make your mark in a realm where your journey is only limited by your imagination!